[oXygen-user] oXygen XML Editor 17 support for DITA-OT 2.1?

Jim Henderson
Fri May 8 11:00:58 CDT 2015


Really loving oXygen 17 here after just a week of use - the changes to the
webhelp transformation (particularly the ability to embed the output in an
iframe) is something that arrived at a perfect time for me, as I was in the
middle of trying to figure out how to add our corporate header/footer to
the output, and this made it much simpler.

Something that we're getting ready to start doing is incorporating content
written by non-writers - support staff and software developers.  With the
changes in DITA-OT coming up and the support for Commonmark, we've decided
to leverage those capabilities to simplify our processes.

I know oXygen 17 has support for DITA-OT 2.0, but I'm wondering if that
support extends to 2.1, which is required to use the dita-ot-markdown

As a secondary question, does anyone know of a transformation to get from
DITA to Commonmark?



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