[oXygen-user] Using a different (minor) version of Saxon with oXygen?

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza)
Thu Dec 24 06:22:09 CST 2015


Because of the tight integration (validation, debugging, etc), you 
cannot upgrade the version of Saxon 9 that comes bundled with Oxygen.

However, you can use a different version of Saxon in Oxygen as a custom 
(command line) XSLT or XQuery engine for transformations (NOT for 
debugging), though you will need a separate Saxon license if you need to 
use Saxon PE or EE. The license file should be placed in the same folder 
as the Saxon .jar.

You can configure this in Options -> Preferences , XML -> XSLT-FO-XQuery 
-> Custom Engines. Press New, select engine type: XSLT or XQuery and 
give it a proper name. e.g. "Saxon XSLT 9.6" or "Saxon XQuery 9.6".
In the command line of the custom engine use:
"${system(java.home)}/bin/java" -cp "path/to/saxon/lib/saxon9ee.jar" 
net.sf.saxon.Transform "-s:${xml}" "-o:${out}" "${xsl}"
For XQuery:
"${system(java.home)}/bin/java" -cp "path/to/saxon/lib/saxon9ee.jar" 
net.sf.saxon.Query "-s:${xml}" "-o:${out}" "${xsl}"
(do not omit the quotes)

You can then pick this newly defined engine from the Transformer combo 
when configuring a transformation scenario: Document -> Transformation 
-> Configure Transformation Scenario, New/Edit.


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On 24.12.2015 12:35, Gioele Barabucci wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to use Saxon with oXygen 17.1. However, oXygen 17.1
> ships with Saxon How can I suggest (or force) oXygen to use a
> different Saxon JAR? Being limited to Saxon-HE is OK for me, dirty hack
> are OK as well.
> Version contains a fix for a very particular bug that I
> encountered and reported. Without that fix some transformations I am
> working on take days to complete instead of minutes.
> Regards,

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