[oXygen-user] Any way to control output of Schematron validation?

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Octavian Nadolu)
Tue Dec 8 07:03:17 CST 2015


Thank you for the feedback.
I think that in <oXygen/> we should render the HTML from the Schematron 
assert/report messages, but ignore the other unknown elements. Maybe we 
should add also an option to see the original message.

Best Regards,

On 08.12.2015 12:38, Tom Cleghorn wrote:
> Just chiming in with a third vote in support - we'd find it very handy
> to be able to slim down Oxygen's validation output for non-technical
> colleagues. Being able to use HTML to control it, as Octavian mentions,
> would be marvellous icing on the cake!
> On 08/12/2015 09:36, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Octavian Nadolu) wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I added also your comment on the issue and I increased the its priority.
>> We have also other issue related to this, to render in <oXygen/> the
>> HTML markup from the assert/report messages.
>> Best Regards,
>> Octavian
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