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Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza)
Mon Apr 20 08:52:29 CDT 2015

Hello Bob,

This problem has already been resolved in a maintenance build of Oxygen 
16.1 (since build 2014102117, released in October 2014):
> *XSLT Debugger:* During a debugging session, the Context view was 
> cleared immediately after being updated when 'Step into' or 'Run to 
> Cursor' were used.

You can download it from our web site:

The list of bug-fixes from each maintenance build can be found here:

You can follow our release/build RSS feed here:

Let us know if you encounter further problems with this new build.


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On 18.04.2015 04:34, Bob Stayton wrote:
> I've been using Oxygen XML for years to debug XSL stylesheets.  In the 
> latest versions, the window pane for the context element has shown odd 
> behavior.  When I step through the debug process, the Context pane 
> flashes the context element, and then clears immediately.  If I'm 
> quick, I can almost read it.  Is there some autoclear function that 
> I'm not aware of for that pane?  The Variables and other panes are 
> working fine.

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