[oXygen-user] feature request for syncing filesystem with webdav

Jakob Fix jakob.fix at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 18:40:21 CDT 2013


we're using OxygenXML Enterprise for MarkLogic development, and it works
really well (just wanted to say this). Here is a feature request of the
"nice to have" category:

Right now we're developing and running our Xquery modules from the
filesystem. However, at some stage we want to run them from within a
modules database. So we have to load them into the modules database
probably using WebDAV or mlcp which is quite cumbersome. The temptation
will be great to work directly in the modules database, via OxygenXML's
WebDAV connectivity. If we did this we'd lose versioning via SVN as this
requires the changes to be visible in the filesystem.

If OxygenXML could watch a filesystem folder and sync it with a remote
WebDAV resource (in the upload direction) whenever a change occurred, that
would solve our conundrum.

Until then we can of course use an external tool such as node.js + grunt.js
(and its webdav-sync plugin [1]). While writing this, I'm wondering whether
the "External Tools" in OxygenXML could provide a hook for grunt.js?
Are there other ways of achieving this change-based synchronisation that we
could use instead?


[1] https://npmjs.org/package/webdav-sync
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