[oXygen-user] author action - value parameter question(s)

Andreas Wagner Andreas.Wagner at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Oct 23 08:32:53 CDT 2013

Hi Radu,

* Oxygen XML Editor Support dixit [2013-10-23 13:48]:
> Unfortunately our editor variables support is quite limited so you 
> cannot do (a) and (c) using editor variables. So you would have to 
> implement a custom operation in Java which would look at the current 
> attribute value, show a dialog to the user and then use our API to set 
> the attribute on the element:

I see. I admit I had hoped to get around writing a custom Java operation 
but it seems sooner or later I will have to have a look into it anyway. 
I will probably postpone it somewhat but then try the route you have 
suggested. Regarding the in-place attributes editor dialog and the 
attributes view: thanks a lot, I simply did not think of them and the 
in-place editor is just what I wanted.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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