[oXygen-user] Antwort: Addressing content from CSS in Author Mode

Patrik.Stellmann at gdv-dl.de Patrik.Stellmann at gdv-dl.de
Thu Oct 17 23:35:45 CDT 2013

Hi Ken,

for your first topic you can write

    content: oxy_xpath("parent::frame/@id");

(I also recommend to have a look on the page 
- there are lots of nice extensions you might not even think of.)

For the second topic:  Both selectors are executed, but the 
content-command of the second one overwrites the one of the first selector 
(counter-increment of the first one is still executed but has no effect 
when the counter is not displayed.)

Since the title is most likely the first element in frame it might be an 
option to use frame:before instead of one of the frame>title:before. This 
way you can have two different contents with different styles right before 
the actual title.

Another way might be to join both selectors and use the custom function 
oxy_label to use different styles. It would look like this (not testes):

    frame > title:before{
        content: "Frame " counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) 
": " oxy_label(text, oxy_xpath("parent::frame/@id"), font-size, .5em, 
color, green);
        counter-increment: frame_count;



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Hello, all!

I hope some enthusiastic oXygen user can point me to how in CSS I can 
obtain a value from an element other than the element matching the 
CSS selector.

This is a fragment of my CSS:

frame {
frame > title{
     font-size: 2.0em;
     border-bottom: 1px solid #004477;
frame > title:before{
     content: "Frame " counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": 
     counter-increment: frame_count;
frame > title:after {
   content: attr(id);

At the very end I am exposing the @id, but my selector is in frame's 
title and the attribute I need to expose is in the parent frame 
element.  I couldn't say attr(../@id) and I couldn't find a way of 
storing attr(id) in a variable in the frame's selector.

A second problem is to expose different content with different 
appearances using one selector.  I tried the following without success:

frame > title:before{
     content: "Frame " counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": 
     /*content: "Frame " counter(module_count) "." 
counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": ";*/
     counter-increment: frame_count;
frame > title:before {
   content: "XXX";

... because only the second selector was selected.  I'll fix the 
"XXX" when I fix the attr() problem stated earlier.

Any guidance on either of these two topics would be greatly appreciated!

. . . . . . . . Ken

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