[oXygen-user] Addressing content from CSS in Author Mode

G. Ken Holman gkholman at CraneSoftwrights.com
Thu Oct 17 11:38:36 CDT 2013

Hello, all!

I hope some enthusiastic oXygen user can point me to how in CSS I can 
obtain a value from an element other than the element matching the 
CSS selector.

This is a fragment of my CSS:

frame {
frame > title{
     font-size: 2.0em;
     border-bottom: 1px solid #004477;
frame > title:before{
     content: "Frame " counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": ";
     counter-increment: frame_count;
frame > title:after {
   content: attr(id);

At the very end I am exposing the @id, but my selector is in frame's 
title and the attribute I need to expose is in the parent frame 
element.  I couldn't say attr(../@id) and I couldn't find a way of 
storing attr(id) in a variable in the frame's selector.

A second problem is to expose different content with different 
appearances using one selector.  I tried the following without success:

frame > title:before{
     content: "Frame " counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": ";
     /*content: "Frame " counter(module_count) "." 
counter(lesson_count) "." counter(frame_count) ": ";*/
     counter-increment: frame_count;
frame > title:before {
   content: "XXX";

... because only the second selector was selected.  I'll fix the 
"XXX" when I fix the attr() problem stated earlier.

Any guidance on either of these two topics would be greatly appreciated!

. . . . . . . . Ken

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