[oXygen-user] Opening SVG on Mac

Reaves, Timothy treaves at silverfieldstech.com
Thu May 2 07:52:57 CDT 2013

I didn't ask for it to be the default; I asked that the info.plist add it
as a type it can handle.  I've made this edit myself.

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 4:50 AM, Oxygen XML Editor Support <
support at oxygenxml.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I believe it would not be appropriate to make Oxygen the default
> application for SVG. Oxygen can only view or generate SVG, it does not
> offer graphical editing capabilities (only as XML).
> Safari is associated by default with SVG and you can also preview SVG in
> Finder (press Space).
> However, if you want to make Oxygen the default application that opens SVG
> on your Mac, you can easily set this up:
> In Finder right click on a SVG file and from the contextual menu choose
> "Get Info". In the "Open with:" subsection select from the application
> combo Other (Safari is the default) and browse and select Oxygen. With
> Oxygen selected in the combo press the "Change All..." button (See the
> attached image). This will associate Oxygen with all SVG documents.
> Let us know if you need further assistance.
> Regards,
> Adrian
> Adrian Buza
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> support at oxygenxml.com
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> Reaves, Timothy wrote:
>> Would you please added this to the supported doc types, so I do not need
>> to keep manually selecting what to open an SVG with?
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