[oXygen-user] Weird indentation in xs:annotation/xs:documentation

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Thu Mar 21 09:29:24 CDT 2013

  Yes indeed, they were redefined, I restored them to default.

  I never quite understood why I used C-i on my Mac and C-S-i on the Windows machines at my clients where I install sometimes oXygen.  I guess C-i was just carried over from an old version, I've kept installing them for years on my Mac laptop ;-)


Florent Georges

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> Hello Florent,
> I've looked at the default shortcut keys on the Mac and they are distinct 
> for these actions:
> "Format and Indent Element" is Cmd-Shift-I
> "Indent Selection" is Cmd-I
> Go to Options > Menu Shortcut Keys and type in the text filter 
> "indent". You should see the shortcuts for both actions.
> If they are the same, you may have changed one of them in the past, or maybe 
> they were imported from an older version of Oxygen.
> If you don't have other customized shortcut keys, you can simply press the 
> "Restore Defaults" button from the "Menu Shortcut Keys" 
> option page.
> Regards,
> Adrian
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> Florent Georges wrote:
>>    Thank you George.  By the way, you are right about C-S-i on Windows, but 
> it looks like both actions are bound to "cmd-i" on Mac (sorry I said 
> "C-i", but this is the key labeled on my laptop "cmd", I 
> think it used to be an apple before).
>>    Regards,

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