[oXygen-user] Weird indentation in xs:annotation/xs:documentation

Oxygen XML Editor Support support at oxygenxml.com
Wed Mar 20 08:14:15 CDT 2013

Hello Florent,

I've looked at the default shortcut keys on the Mac and they are 
distinct for these actions:
"Format and Indent Element" is Cmd-Shift-I
"Indent Selection" is Cmd-I

Go to Options > Menu Shortcut Keys and type in the text filter "indent". 
You should see the shortcuts for both actions.
If they are the same, you may have changed one of them in the past, or 
maybe they were imported from an older version of Oxygen.

If you don't have other customized shortcut keys, you can simply press 
the "Restore Defaults" button from the "Menu Shortcut Keys" option page.


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Florent Georges wrote:
>   Thank you George.  By the way, you are right about C-S-i on Windows, but it looks like both actions are bound to "cmd-i" on Mac (sorry I said "C-i", but this is the key labeled on my laptop "cmd", I think it used to be an apple before).
>   Regards,

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