[oXygen-user] Weird indentation in xs:annotation/xs:documentation

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Tue Mar 19 11:07:45 CDT 2013


  When indenting the content of an xs:documentation in an XML schema
(using C-i), the indentation algorithm seems to treat the first line
differently.  For instance, in the following schema, the first line is
indented at about column 80, and the two subsequent lines are indented
at about column 100:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" elementFormDefault="qualified">
   <xs:simpleType name="foobar">
            <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam
            nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi
            enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut
            aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.</p>

  Any idea?


Florent Georges

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