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I've tested a bit and reproduced the issue. This happens if you declare 
the namespace prefix on or outside of the xs:documentation element.
I believe it isolates the content of the xs:documentation from the 
prefix declarations and then when it cannot resolve the namespace 
prefixes it decides to escape everything.
I've submitted this to our issue tracking tool.

There's another problem with the prefixed HTML elements. Since the 
content from xs:documentation is simply copied to the output by the 
stylesheet, the elements remain prefixed in the HTML output, so the HTML 
styling that is prefixed doesn't actually work in the browser.

<xs:documentation>Defines the <b 
    as a collection of <x:b 
"personnel" is bold, but "person" (surrounded by x:b) is not rendered as 
bold in the "Annotations" field.

The simplest workaround for both these problems is to make the HTML 
namespace the default namespace directly in the xs:documentation element:
e.g. (on my example)
<xs:documentation xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">Defines the 
                as a collection of <b>person</b> 

This resolves both problems.


Florent Georges wrote:
>   Thank you.  I missed the option, and as far as I am able to use HTML p elements I am happy for now.
>   By the way, if I use a prefix for the HTML namespace, the elements are still escaped in the "Diagram" section of the generated HTML documentation (the small "tooltip box" below the diagram of the documented type), and the spaces required by indenting the annotation are preserved.  If I make the HTML namespace the default namespace, then the tooltip box is fine.
>   Regards,

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