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Wed Apr 17 07:13:37 CDT 2013


Oxygen does not follow Mac aliases from paths (nor Windows shortcuts for 
the matter). There is no setting that can be enabled to support this.
Note that you can browse for files to open/save and navigate aliases, 
but they are immediately resolved as soon as they are opened.
Unfortunately this is rather difficult to implement in Java since Java 
itself is not aware of aliases. I've submitted this on our issue 
tracking tool to be analyzed.

Aliases and symbolic links still create local dependencies. Why not use 
an XML catalog instead?


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Tara Athan wrote:
> I set up an alias in the Mac finder to point to some schemas that are 
> imported into another (Relax NG) schema. The importing schema does not 
> validate - it doesn't seem to follow the alias.
> System ID: /Users/taraathan/Repositories/.../trunk/schemas/relaxng/a.rnc
> Main validation file: 
> /Users/taraathan/Repositories/.../trunk/schemas/relaxng/a.rnc
> Engine name: Jing
> Severity: error
> Description: FileNotFoundException - 
> /Users/taraathan/Repositories/.../trunk/schemas/relaxng/c/modules/b.rnc 
> (Not a directory)
> Is there a setting to enable alias-following, or is this a bug?
> I suppose I can go to the command line and make a symbolic link, but I 
> was hoping for a convenient GUI option here.
> Thanks, Tara
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