[oXygen-user] oxygen does not follow Mac alias

Tara Athan taraathan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 16:49:27 CDT 2013

I set up an alias in the Mac finder to point to some schemas that are 
imported into another (Relax NG) schema. The importing schema does not 
validate - it doesn't seem to follow the alias.

System ID: /Users/taraathan/Repositories/.../trunk/schemas/relaxng/a.rnc
Main validation file: 
Engine name: Jing
Severity: error
Description: FileNotFoundException - 
(Not a directory)

Is there a setting to enable alias-following, or is this a bug?
I suppose I can go to the command line and make a symbolic link, but I 
was hoping for a convenient GUI option here.

Thanks, Tara

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