[oXygen-user] Oxygen for creating Drupal content?

Tony Graham tgraham at mentea.net
Mon Apr 15 08:51:52 CDT 2013

I'm curious whether anybody has any experience in using Oxygen (either
with Java Web Start or as an applet) for creating XML content --
'entities' in Drupal-speak -- to be managed by a Drupal 7 CMS?

Creating a locked-down Oxygen JWS [2] or applet [3] distribution with a
single framework and any required extra jars seems simple enough, but
getting Drupal to handle XML as XML doesn't seem to be as well documented
for Drupal 7 as it was for Drupal 6 [1], and getting content in and out of
Drupal seems to only be well defined for its native node types.  As such,
I have no great expectation that it can be done but would be interested to
hear if anyone has managed it.


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[1] Though not by Drupal folks themselves, and unavailable today:
[2] http://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-editor/tasks/jwsInstaller.html

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