[oXygen-user] problem navigating through folders in Open option (Ubuntu 12.04)

David Cramer david at thingbag.net
Wed Jun 27 08:07:07 CDT 2012

On 06/11/2012 08:35 AM, Adrian Buza wrote:
> @David: We have had one other report of such a bug with the menus, 
> though it was inconsistent. I've added your report to our issue 
> tracking tool. This seems to be another Java related problem. I 
> believe it eventually went away by using OpenJDK instead of the 
> Java SE 6 RE bundled with Oxygen. If you install the OpenJDK JRE
> on your system, you can bypass the JRE bundled with Oxygen by
> renaming the 'jre' directory from the Oxygen installation
> directory. When starting Oxygen, it will use the JRE configured in
> the JAVA_HOME or the PATH environment variable (in this order).
> If you encounter any issues when using Oxygen with OpenJDK, I 
> recommend going back to the one bundled with Oxygen by renaming
> the old jre folder back to its original name: 'jre'.

Hi Adrian,
I'm launching Oxygen using JWS. If I configure my system to use
OpenJDK's jws (netx), Oxygen never launches. This happens with our JWS
version of Oxygen and with the jnlp at the oxygenxml.com site:


It does download the jars, but then fails to launch oxygen. Let me
know if there any logs I should send you.


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