[oXygen-user] Using XML Catalogs to resolve location of CSS files

Mark Baker mbaker at analecta.com
Tue Jul 31 19:23:02 CDT 2012

I guess this is an enhancement request, since I can't seem to get it to 
work. I want to be able to specify the location of a CSS stylesheet 
using a URL, and then have it resolved to a local copy using an XML 

If I actually make the stylesheet available at the specified URL, Oxygen 
will find and use it. But if it can't find it on the web, it won't load 
a local copy even though the URL is mapped to the local file system in 
the catalog. I'm using an existing catalog with system and URI rewriting 
rules that work fine for loading schemas, and I have verified that the 
paths are all correct, so I'm assuming the Oxygen does not currently 
support resolving a CSS URL via a catalog.

This would be a very useful feature for me, at least. Any chance of it 
making it into future editions?



Mark Baker
Analecta Communications Inc.

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