[oXygen-user] Behavior regarding conkeyref before keydef

Jeremy H. Griffith jeremy at omsys.com
Tue Jul 31 11:26:01 CDT 2012

On Tue, 31 Jul 2012 17:35:38 +0300, Oxygen XML Editor Support 
<support at oxygenxml.com> wrote:

>We know about this bug and we plan to address it in a future version. 
>You will be notified when this happens.
>Basically right now the keys are collected in the DITA Map after the 
>conrefs (or topicrefs) are resolved so when the conkeyref is first 
>encountered there are not yet any keys collected.

As you've realized, that's not the best order of 
processing.  FYI, DITA2Go does it this way:

1. Parse original maps, including maps referenced
from topicrefs and maprefs.  Filter conditions
during parse.

2. Kesolve keydefs in the parsed maps.

3. Resolve keyrefs to maps, including conkeyrefs.

4. Parse maps that used keyrefs and conkeyrefs.

5. Process conrefs between maps and from topics 
to maps (the OP's case).

6. Parse topics referenced in the maps.

7. Process conrefs between topics and from maps 
to topics.

8.  Process autonumbers, generated lists, links,
and xrefs, in that order.

9. Set page sequence.

10. Process related links.


-- Jeremy H. Griffith <jeremy at omsys.com>
   DITA2Go site:  http://www.dita2go.com/

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