[oXygen-user] XSLTHL with DocBook on oXygen 14 (built-in support throws error)

Sorin Ristache sorin at sync.ro
Tue Jul 3 09:12:10 CDT 2012


You can find the instructions for enabling logging in the Oxygen User 


You can find it by searching for "logging" in the User Manual.


Florent Georges wrote:
>   By the way, I am going to activate logging, just to be sure
> there is nothing interesting in there.  But it is so much pain to
> activate it (looking for an example on the Internet, download it,
> create the file, adapt it, and last but not least, restart
> oXygen).  It would be sooo handy to have a preference panel
> dedicated to logging (enable/disable button, levels, even maybe
> introspecting existing logger names...)  But that's another
> story ;-)

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