[oXygen-user] XSLTHL with DocBook on oXygen 14 (built-in support throws error)

Sorin Ristache sorin at sync.ro
Tue Jul 3 07:09:53 CDT 2012


Did Oxygen display a warning message about write permissions on the 
.framework file when you tried to edit the built-in document type? Do 
you run Oxygen on Windows? In Windows Vista and Windows 7 usually the 
C:\Program Files folder is read-only, the .framework file cannot be 
edited so Oxygen displays this warning message and creates a duplicate 
framework with the same settings and replaces automatically ${framework} 
and ${frameworkDir} with ${frameworks}/name_of_framework_folder, in your 
case ${frameworks}/docbook. This replace operation is necessary because 
the duplicate framework will be stored in the user options, not in a 
.framework file.

Creating a duplicate framework is enough for you for fixing the error. 
The alternative is to edit the docbook5.framework file (or the 
docbook4.framework file), replace the ${frameworkDir} variable with 
${framework} and use the built-in Docbook framework. This is the 
modification that we will include in the next maintenance build.


Florent Georges wrote:
> Sorin Ristache wrote:
>   Hi Sorin,
>   Thanks for your response.
>> highlight.xslthl.config=${framework}/xsl/highlighting/xslthl-config.xml
>> Please edit the Docbook scenarios [...]
>   I did.  Unfortunately, I still have the same problem.  Just to
> be sure the file is correctly found, I added an xsl:message to
> fo/profile-docbook.xsl in order to output the value of the param:
>     ${framework}/xsl/highlighting/xslthl-config.xml
>   See?  It hasn't been expanded.  If I change it to
> ${frameworkDir}, I get an error (which by the way says it has
> been generated by an xsl:message, but does not point to the
> coresponding stylesheet).
>   Finally, if I change it to ${frameworks}/docbook/, then
> everything looks fine now.  So it seems there is something wrong
> with the expanding of the current framework dir (either as a URI
> or a path), but I am not blocked anymore.  Thanks!
>   Regards,

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