[oXygen-user] Plugin testing.

Radu Coravu
Fri Mar 4 02:14:01 CST 2011

Hi Anthony,

My suggestion to you would be to start in the test case the Oxygen main 


You can see in the "oxygen.bat" what classpath it uses.
Then you can poll the opened windows using something like:


until the main Oxygen JFrame appears. For example look for the title of 
the opened windows.

Then once the Oxygen JFrame is obtained you can perform all kinds of 
visual tests on it by getting access to the JMenuBar for example, using 
an AWT Robot, etc.

I can try to prepare some sample Java code for this if you run into any 


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>   XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 3/3/2011 6:30 PM, Michael Anthony Smith wrote:
> Our plugin is now nearing 'feature' completion, and I am in the process
> of automating the manual testing. This is reasonably straightforward for
> those aspects of the plugin that are independent of the oXygen API, as
> these can be run through our TestNG framework. I was wondering if
> anybody had some suggestions for how to automate tests involving the use
> of the oXygen API (and GUI components). For example is there a mechanism
> to simulate the selection of windows, menu items, button presses, etc in
> oXygen, that could be provided as an argument to a command-line invocation?
> Any suggestions welcome.
> Regards,
> Anthony.

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