[oXygen-user] Turning off cache?

Tara Athan
Thu Mar 3 12:28:24 CST 2011

I am working on a Relax NG schema which will be converted automatically to
XSD and documentation generated in oXygen. During development I am
constantly modifying the Relax NG, validating and then performing the
conversion to XSD and generating the documentation to see how it looks. I
find that the validation and other steps are frequently behind regarding the
modifications of modules, presumably because there is some caching going on.
It's a royal pain - I have to delete the old xsd and documentation to get it
to clear the cache  ( I have tried selecting "clear cache and validate" on
the main module, but it doesn't do the trick). Is there anyway to just turn
off the caching? I have looked through the preferences menu, but I can't
find this option.

Thanks, Tara
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