[oXygen-user] Help needed with XSLT

Florent Georges
Fri Jun 24 04:42:15 CDT 2011

Syd Bauman wrote:


> 1) This is probably more appropriate for the XSL-list than
> here.

  Might not be the case actually.  The fact that the graph
namespace is asked to be excluded from serialization but is not
actually, is maybe because the serialization ignores it.  It
could be a lot of reasons, really, but I think the serializer in
oXygen which serializes to the GUI, with syntax-highlighting, is
ignoring this serialization param.

  Timothy, do you observe that result directly in oXygen?  What
if you run the transform from within the command line, using
Saxon directly?  Just an idea...


Florent Georges

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