[oXygen-user] Help needed with XSLT

Syd Bauman
Thu Jun 23 14:54:03 CDT 2011

> 1. Is there a particular XSL list you refer to?

Oh, indeed. See http://www.mulberrytech.com/xsl/xsl-list/. *The* XSL
list, IMHO.

> 2. ... we process hundreds of thousands of SVG images. ... those
> attributes do not prevent rendering, but they do prevent
> validation. 

Oh. Wow. Well, I guess it is quite important, then. But I thought you
said you were using RNG? I'm guessing the final validation is against
a DTD, or else they wouldn't be a problem. (Why? Because in the XDM
those aren't attributes, they're namespace declarations. DTDs don't
know about modern XML, so they look like attributes to a DTD.)

> 5. I'm not an XSLT programmer, so this is not surprising, even
> though it is unfortunate. All I can do is try something, see if it
> has a positive result (makes my output more like I want it), and go
> from there. I'll study your changes, and try to incorporate them.

Oh dear; please realize no insults intended. Trial-and-error is a
tried and true method, one on which I certainly rely heavily. I was
just in a bit of a rush, trying to get mail off to you before I had
to go play soccer dad, and up to my eyeballs in projects, here. (One
of which is getting ready for an upcoming workshop on XSLT for
digital humanists, which is why XSLT programming style is on my mind

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