[oXygen-user] regression of oxygen 12.2: validation against rnc schema without .rnc extension on URL

Radu Coravu
Mon Jun 20 04:32:50 CDT 2011

Hi Tara,

Well, from what it seems according to the xml-model specification:


Oxygen should not expect the "&" to be followed by "amp;" as it does now.

I added this as a bug to our issues list.
The fix will probably be available in one of the Oxygen 12.2 minor bug 
fix versions.
Such versions are usually reported on this RSS feed:


So in the next minor release of Oxygen 12.2 you will probably have to 
"un-escape" the "&"'s back to simple "&" in order to properly 
validate the XML with the schema.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 6/19/2011 1:27 AM, Tara Athan wrote:
> I figured this out, quite by accident.
> "&  in an href attribute must be escaped as&amp;"
> This is an HTML rule, but apparently also applies to the href in your
> processing instruction, because when I tried my string with&amp;, it works.
> ***********************************
> Before I updated to oXygen 12.2, I was able validate against a URL with
> a query string that generates an RNC schema ( the URL points to a PHP
> script that generates an RNC schema customized to the parameters in the
> query string). Now with the new<?xml-model?>  tag, it does not recognize
> the URL, and gives an error message
> "SystemID: C:\Documents and Settings\All
> Users\Documents\RuleML\WP1\schema\tests\validation_on_URL_w_query_string\test_validation_on_URL_w_query_string.xml
> Main validation file: C:\Documents and Settings\All
> Users\Documents\RuleML\WP1\schema\tests\validation_on_URL_w_query_string\test_validation_on_URL_w_query_string.xml
> Engine name: oXygen
> Severity: error
> Description: There is no schema or DTD associated with the document. You
> can create an association either with the Associate Schema action or
> configuring in the Options the Preferences/Document Type Association
> list, or by creating a Validation Scenario.
> "
> I can (and you can too ;) manually verify that the URL is not broken,
> and does indeed point to an RNC schema.
> Also, when I use a redirect (on my server) that disguises this URL as a
> physical file with an .rnc extension, oXygen is able to validate against
> that. Below is the instance document that should validate.
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <?xml-model
> href="http://ruleml.org/0.91/relaxng/schema_rnc.php?backbone=x3f&default=x7&termseq=x7&lng=x1&propo=x3f&implies=x7&terms=xf3f&quant=x7&expr=xf&serial=xf"
> type="application/relax-ng-compact-syntax"?>
> <RuleML xmlns="http://www.ruleml.org/0.91/xsd">
>      <Assert>
>          <Exists>
>              <Var>X</Var>
>              <And>
>                  <Atom>
>                      <oid>
>                          <Var>X</Var>
>                      </oid>
>                      <Rel>P</Rel>
>                  </Atom>
>              </And>
>          </Exists>
>      </Assert>
> </RuleML>
> The URL redirect that does validate is
> "http://www.ruleml.org/0.91/relaxng/naffologeq_relaxed.rnc"
> Could you please modify this feature so that the explicit .rnc extension
> is not required? There is no need for it to be required, as the schema
> type is specified with the @type attribute.
> I would report this as an issue, but I can't find the issue tracker from
> your website.
> Tara
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