[oXygen-user] Restoring XML element folding to a single xml document

Adrian Buza
Thu Jun 9 07:53:13 CDT 2011


What version of Oxygen are you using(Help -> About)?

First make sure folding is indeed enabled for all files: Options -> 
Preferences -> Editor -> Pages -> Text, "Show fold bar"

In older versions of Oxygen(v11 and earlier) folding was disabled when 
line wrap was activated. Starting with Oxygen v12 folding is no longer 
affected by this.
The only situation where folding is disabled on a per file basis now is 
when BIDI(bidirectional) editing mode(allows right-to-left writing) is 
triggered. After opening the file go to Window -> Show View -> 
Properties and look at the BIDI property. If it is "true" than that 
explains the problem.

If BIDI is "true" and you are not actively using right-to-left writing, 
you may want to disable BIDI altogether. Go to Options -> Preferences -> 
Editor -> Open/Save and clear the option "Enable bidirectional support". 
Restart Oxygen or close and reopen the BIDI document.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support


Bill Walker wrote:
> Colleagues, 
> While editing an XML document in Oxygen, I removed the element folding
> functionality.  I believe I was trying to get the line wrapping to work,
> but don't remember exactly what I did.  Is there any way to add the
> element folding back in to a particular document.  Please note that I
> have not disabled it for the entire application, but only for a
> particular document.
> Thanks, 
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