[oXygen-user] Network monitor

Jostein Austvik Jacobsen josteinaj at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 14:32:03 CST 2011

Think about the developer tools you have in your browser. Especially the
"Network" tab (I'm in Chromium but most browsers have equivalents)...

I'm currently running an XProc script which takes a lot of time (compiling
a catalogue). It makes thousands of HTTP-requests using p:http-request, as
well as a p:load and a p:store.

So I was thinking; wouldn't it be cool if I could monitor the progress of
my script by looking at the network traffic? Of course, I could use
Wireshark (or similar), and I'll probably do so as well. But if it were
more tightly integrated into oXygen like it is with browser developer
tools, I might be able to trace the request and response back to which
XProc line made the request etc. Just an idea...

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