[oXygen-user] Configuration of profiling attributes and their values

Sorin Ristache
Tue Apr 26 02:15:19 CDT 2011


A document type allows setting both a custom schema which will be used 
for validation and content completion and a set of transformation 
scenarios. You can set the preconfigured values of the profiling 
attributes in a scenario that is stored in the document type. In the 
dialog box for editing the document type please select the 
Transformation tab and edit one of the existing scenarios or add a new one.


All the scenarios from this tab will have a yellow key icon and will be 
read-only in the dialog box for selecting and running a transformation 



Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Hi,
> would it be possible to move configuration of profiling attributes and
> their values into document type?
> I often create customized version of DocBook for my customer and part of
> this customization are also preconfigured values for profiling in
> schema. Schema and other necessary files are distributed as an oXygen
> framework so it makes sense to configure profiling attributes here then
> as a global/project options.
> Thanks,
> 				Jirka

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