[oXygen-user] Saving a document in EMC's xDB

Florent Georges
Mon Apr 11 13:51:47 CDT 2011


> Florent, also note that for xDB 10, you will need also the
> following JARs on the data source's classpath:

> aspectjrt.jar
> lucene.jar
> lucene-regex.jar

> (But this is most likely unrelated to the issue you are
> having.)

  Thanks.  I've added them to the xDB data source, but as you
expected, that didn't solve the problem.

  Two aside notes for the oXygen team: maybe those extra JARs
should be in the user guide, and this is really not convenient to
modify a data source (like adding more JARs) as we first have to
remove every connections using it (having to restart oXygen would
be more convenient I think, but that's maybe me).


Florent Georges

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