[oXygen-user] No Framework for NLM?

George Cristian Bina
Wed Sep 29 04:05:51 CDT 2010

Hi Eliot,

There were no requests as far as I remember. I am not aware of any 
technical difficulties.

What I would like to have is an area on our website where people can 
post and share frameworks for different vocabularies. These should be 
also discoverable from oXygen so you can browse the available frameworks 
and decide to get some of them locally.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 9/28/10 10:09 PM, Eliot Kimber wrote:
> Just realized that there's no built-in framework for NLM documents.
> Any barrier to that or just no demand?
> Cheers,
> E.

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