[oXygen-user] New document in oXygen

Syd Bauman
Tue Sep 28 15:45:34 CDT 2010

OK. But if I forget to click "customize"[1], it would be nice to be
able to jus click on "Associate Schema..." to associate one. But
instead, I have to insert a dummy element to make the document
well-formed first, then insert the schema, then delete the (now
invalid) dummy element.

I presume there is a good reason that Associate Schema... requires a
well-formed document, but maybe it could be taught not to object to
a newly created document?

In any case, keep up the good work.

[1] Which, BTW, I like so far. It is very easy to get to --
    TAB-TAB-SPACE does it for me -- and I really like two of the new
    - figures out schema type from extension, but I can override
    - allows me to specify prefix
    However, I'm a little concerned that the next new document I
    create uses the same customization values (no big deal) and it
    seems quite difficult to tell oXygen not to (pain in the

> Some of the new document templates have a second page. After you
> select XML Document in the new dialog click on the Customize button
> to get to the page where you specify the schema and choose the root
> element (the same functionality that you mention from the previous
> version).

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