[oXygen-user] New document in oXygen

Wendell Piez
Mon Sep 27 14:55:56 CDT 2010


I'm also having trouble with the New Document option in v12.

In my line of work, I'm frequently (very frequently) using a new 
schema provided by a client or associate. Say I want to create a 
document using it. In v11, I had the choice of saying File/New and 
then selecting the schema in a dialogue.

Unless I'm missing it, I can't do that any more. What's more, if I go 
ahead and create a blank XML document, I can't bind it to a schema 
until I have a document element. Sometimes I'll know in advance what 
the type of that element should be (along with namespace etc.) -- but 
not always.

Maybe the capability of starting a new document with an arbitrary 
schema binding is right in front of me somewhere?


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