[oXygen-user] Missed Regular Expression checkbox in oXygen 12

Adrian Buza
Mon Sep 20 06:40:16 CDT 2010


Thank you for letting us know about this problem.
We haven't been able to reproduce this yet. We'll investigate and 
attempt to resolve this in the next build of Oxygen 12.0.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author support
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Peter Stadler wrote:
> I just upgraded to oXygen 12 and missed the "Regular Expression"  
> checkbox at the "Find/Replace in Files" dialog. Well, activating the  
> help showed that it must be there and wasn't removed.
> At the end, I simply had to resize the dialog window and it showed up  
> (together with the "include hidden files" checkbox) but nevertheless I  
> think the user should be given some sort of hint that there are more  
> options available ...
> (oXygen 12 (german) build 2010091411, MacOS 10.5)
> Peter

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