[oXygen-user] The New File->New Dialog Not Cutting It

Eliot Kimber
Fri Sep 17 09:56:41 CDT 2010

I'm finding the new File->New dialog to be must less convenient than the old

One issue I have is that I have many different "templates" directories. I
carefully name my template documents so they sort together, e.g, "D4P -
Chapter.dita", "D4P - Article.dita", etc. That works really well in the flat
list of templates. I tend to organize my templates by type within a
containing directory named "templates": templates/topics, templates/maps,
templates/word, templates/indesign, etc.

In Oxygen 11 I could point to the ancestor templates directory and
everything just worked. Very convenient.

But in the new system, each containing directory is reflected in the New
File tree, so I get a lot of "templates" entries under the Global Templates
item, with no way to distinguish which project a given templates directory
is for.

Short of bringing back the old dialog, I think an easy fix would be to make
Global Templates a flat list like the old dialog.

Otherwise I can't think of any easy change that would make the new dialog
behave usefully with the way I currently have my templates organized.

One of the nice aspects of the old template mechanism was it meant that I
didn't have to have a templates/ directory that was designed specifically
for Oxygen, since the use of Oxygen is as much for my own convenience as it
is for my clients. 

That is, I want my "templates" directory to be the holder for any kind of
template for any tool or purpose for which templates is useful, not a
specific "Oxygen templates" directory.



Eliot Kimber
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