[oXygen-user] Questions about links

Stephen Matlock
Thu Sep 9 17:22:38 CDT 2010

Oh for goodness sake

1. the link now works. I don't know what I did, but I simply re-transformed
the DITA -> PDF and it worked.

2. I mispelled the target (#setupmyaccount) on the link. I _thought_ I
copied it, but either my eyesight isn't good or my comprehension fails. the
link was "#settingupmyaccount". DUH

3. I still don't know how the page numbers got there in my early drafts. I'd
like them back, but I don't know what I did to get them.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Stephen Matlock <>wrote:

> 1. I have the following <p> tag with a linked PDF:
> <p>
> Please open the following document:
> <xref href="https://fileserver.com/documents/BXMLGuide.pdf">The Beginner's
> Guide to All Things XML</xref>.
>                 </p>
> (The URI for this is different in the actual document).
> I can use this very same URI and open this document. This link works in
> other documents. But when I transform this DITA content using the Legacy PDF
> transform, the link, while underlined in blue and apparently "clickable,"
> does not actually open the document.
> 2. I have the following tag for an entry later in the document:
> See <xref  href="C_setup_my_account.dita#setupmyaccount">Set Up Your
>                 Account</xref> for more information
> I can open this link within Oxygen - it opens the 'peer' file just fine.
> It's part of the same DITAMAP and when I transform to PDF, this topic is
> part of the PDF. But the link, while Blue Italic, is not clickable.
> 3. I remember (I think) that when I transformed to PDF using the Legacy OT
> transform that it also put the page number as part of the link for a link
> within the same document. Is this still possible?

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