[oXygen-user] WebHelp output: graphics put in subfolder [CAUSE FOUND]

Jeremy H. Griffith
Tue Sep 7 08:40:41 CDT 2010

On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 09:30:58 +0300, Radu Coravu <> 

>You can see the same behavior when running the standard DITA OT XHTML 
>transformation on which the Webhelp transformation is based.
>DITA OT does not handle very well cases in which references are outside 
>the DITA Map scope.
>Maybe you can get some more hints on the DITA Users list, the only 
>option seems to be toggling the "generate.copy.outer" DITA parameter but 
>this does not work so well also.

This is a well-known OT design flaw, apparently not one that 
can be corrected easily since people have been commenting 
about it for years.  

FWIW, DITA2Go does *not* have this problem, and also produces 
very fast and efficient Web help, complete with boolean search
and cleaner ALink support, in a FOSS format (OmniHelp).

-- Jeremy H. Griffith <>
   DITA2Go site:  http://www.dita2go.com/

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