[oXygen-user] [Oxygen-user] completion for XPath 2.0 functions and keywords in XSLT stylesheets?

Adrian Buza
Fri Nov 12 09:09:36 CST 2010


Oxygen's content completion for XML is schema driven. But there is this 
part of XSLT content completion for XPath that was hard-coded in the 
appropriate locations.
XProc did not yet receive this treatment and there's no way for the end 
user to augment this right now.
I'll add a feature request for XPath content completion in XProc.

And I'll also add a feature request for making the content completion 
customizable in the long term.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author support


Florent Georges wrote:
> Adrian Buza wrote:
>   Hi,
>> It's also possible that you've found a context that we did not
>> cover, or maybe a bug.  Could provide a sample XSLT where this
>> fails to work as expected?
>   As far as I know, this completion is not available in XProc, in
> the contexts where an XPath expression is expected (like in the
> p:with-option/@select attribute for instance).  It would be
> *very* nice to have the same support as in XSLT :-)
>   Is there any way to augment the completion function database?
>   I frequently use some functions, and I thought to add their
> prototypes and documentations to the ones known by oXygen.  I was
> optimistic and hoped to find an XML file that recorded all those
> possible completion, and that it would be as simple as adding
> some entries to that file.  But I never found such a file :-/  Is
> there any way to do that?
>   Best regards,

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