[oXygen-user] Selecting/Creating oXygen editor windows

Michael Smith
Wed Nov 3 05:33:15 CDT 2010


I have recently been developing a standalone oXygen 12.0 workspace 
plugin that produces an XML document containing oXygen's track-change 
processing instructions. Currently this plugin can write its results 
either to an existing editor or to a file. In the latter case the file 
is opened in an oXygen editor once it has been written. In the former 
case, the editor is correctly updated but not selected as the current 
editor. Is there a way of selecting this output editor as the current 
editor from within the plugin?

I would also like to allow the user to send the output to a "new" 
freshly constructed editor window with an appropriate "untitled #number" 
name, where the action of "saving" the document would prompt the user 
for the location to save the file in. There may be cases where the user 
just wants to view the result, rather than save it to a file. We 
generally know the type of document that is being generated (e.g. DITA, 
DocBook, general XML) so could supply this to the oXygen editor creation 
API, if this is helpful. Any pointers on how this - or something similar 
- could be achieved would be welcome.

I am new to the oXygen plugin development and this mailing list; and 
have done my best to search both the API and archive for answers to the 
issues I have just raised.  I apologise in advance for missing previous 
answers to these questions.


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