[oXygen-user] Disabling XSLT documentation in a new stylesheets

Jirka Kosek
Tue May 4 07:23:08 CDT 2010

George Cristian Bina wrote:
> The simplest solution is to create a document template (or more) for the
> stylesheets you want to create. For that just put an XSLT file in a
> folder and set that as template folder, either in the XSLT framework
> (Options->Preferences -- Document Type Association, Edit the XSLT
> framework and add the folder in the Templates tab) or in the global
> oXygen templates in Options->Preferences -- Editor / Templates /
> Document Templates.

Yes, but then I have to choose template which is quite laborious operation.

I'm using oXygen during XSLT course and I'm creating dozen of new simple
stylesheets (File->New->XSL Stylesheet) each hour to show answers to
question of my students. Documentation elements and namespace are
distracting in this case.

> We will consider handling this case also when you create the default
> XSLT document, eventually in the same dialog where you can select the
> version 1.0 or 2.0.

It would be nice to have ability to switch off documentation artifacts
in this dialog.



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