[oXygen-user] [Ann] oXygen XML Editor version 12 beta

John Madden
Sun Aug 29 14:38:55 CDT 2010

Hi Guys,

Great work, as usual.

A quick report about the Mac version. This has to do with the Editor perspective when multiple documents are open. It relates specifically to a temporary lag of synchronization between the highlighted document tab and the refresh of the text pane of that document.

When the app first opens with multiple docs, or just after creating a new doc, there is a period of a few seconds during which the document tabs respond to a click by changing tab highlight, but the text display of the document fails to update correspondingly – i.e. the tab highlight changes, but the editor text pane continues to show the text from the previously highlighted document. On my Powerbook, I even noticed that on rare occasions, the text pane even failed to redraw correctly, and left me with a blank pane with scrambled borders.

The problem seems to go away after a few seconds, suggesting that it has to do with some background data caching that takes a few seconds to catch up to the GUI state.

I'll keep an eye on this.


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