[oXygen-user] Empty the Calabash's cache

Fri Aug 13 09:39:24 CDT 2010

Hello Florent,

I've used the xproc/personal.xpl  from our sample project, run it once, 
deleted the results, alterated the ../personal.xml file, run it again 
and the results were as expected correct.
Please provide us a small sample to reproduce the behaviour you described.
Also please note that the calabash connector implementation does not 
reuse any components (XProcConfiguration, XProcRuntime, etc) between runs.

Best regards,

Enachescu Mircea
Syncro Soft | oXygen XML

Florent Georges wrote:
>   Hi,
>   The source port of an XProc pipeline is connected to a file on
> the file system:
>     <p:input port="source">
>        <p:document href="input.xml"/>
>     </p:input>
>   I run the pipeline with the built-in scenario "Self XProc, no
> input no output".  If I modify input.xml and run the piepline
> again, the changes are not picked up.
>   A feature of Calabash is to cache all inputs in memory (I
> think).  So I guess the same processor is kept in memory by
> oXygen, but I think oXygen should empty the Calabash's cache
> between two runs of the pipeline (or get rid of the processor and
> instantiate it again if this is not possible).
>   Besides, this pipeline loops over a lot of files, so that means
> they are kept in memory "for ever" (as long as oXygen itself is
> alive).
>   Regards,

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