[oXygen-user] How to place log file in consistent directory?

Radu Coravu
Thu Apr 29 02:30:01 CDT 2010

Dear Michael,

Indeed probably the current directory remains the directory from which 
the "open" was called.
Either you change the current directory to the Oxygen directory before 
running the "open" (of course if you have some way to find it out) or:
All the system properties available from Oxygen can be found in the 
Help->About dialog in the "System properties" tab.
For example the following system property which is set by Oxygen on launch:
"com.oxygenxml.editor.home.url" may be useful to you (it is in URL form).
Also the "com.oxygenxml.editor.lib.dir" points to the Oxygen libraries 
directory using a file path.

Hope this helps.

Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>   XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 4/28/2010 3:18 PM, Michael Roberts wrote:
> Oxygen-heads: I have a log4j.properties file for testing a plugin that 
> integrates Oxygen and RSuite. I am currently using Mac OS X.
>     log4j.appender.R.File=oxygen-rsuite-plugin.log
> If I use oxygenMac.sh from the command-line, the 
> oxygen-rsuite-plugin.log file shows up in the current directory where 
> I run the command.
> If I launch Oxygen from the “open” command on Mac OS X (from an applet 
> in FireFox), then the current working directory is in some random 
> place (that I cannot find).
> Log4j permits variable substitution in the log4j.properties, from 
> system properties. Are there sysem properties set by Oxygen for the 
> installation directory or some other place where I can locate the log 
> file so it will be in a consistent place? I would like to be able to 
> specify something like this in the log4j.properties file:
>     log4j.appender.R.File=${oxygen.home}/oxygen-rsuite-plugin.log
> Thanks,
> Michael Roberts
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