[oXygen-user] How to place log file in consistent directory?

Michael Roberts
Wed Apr 28 07:18:31 CDT 2010

Oxygen-heads:  I have a log4j.properties file for testing a plugin that integrates Oxygen and RSuite.  I am currently using Mac OS X.


If I use oxygenMac.sh from the command-line, the oxygen-rsuite-plugin.log file shows up in the current directory where I run the command.

If I launch Oxygen from the "open" command on Mac OS X (from an applet in FireFox), then the current working directory is in some random place (that I cannot find).

Log4j permits variable substitution in the log4j.properties, from system properties.  Are there sysem properties set by Oxygen for the installation directory or some other place where I can locate the log file so it will be in a consistent place?  I would like to be able to specify something like this in the log4j.properties file:


Michael Roberts
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