[oXygen-user] Default Scenario to apply

Sorin Ristache
Fri May 29 10:16:46 CDT 2009

So you want to be able to select and set a scenario in the list of 
scenarios created at the document type level (5 scenarios in your case 
created in the Transformation tab of the Document Type dialog) as the 
default scenario of that document type and run the current default 
scenario when an XML document of that type is transformed with the Apply 
Transformation button or Ctrl-Shift-T?


Stefan Krause wrote:
> Hello Sorin,
> I apologize for insist, but if you take hands on the scenario
> manager, you can take my use case in account:
> Usually I have for each of our costumers one project. Each scenario
> has from 5 to 10 transformations, which are all necessary at
> different stages or in special cases, but only one of them is the
> default scenario (it provides checks for consistency and
> schematron-like assertions).
> In every project I have to handle from 10 to 100 files, and after
> every stage the files are saved in a different folder (consider
> folders for rough OCR, corrected text, and final xml). Usually I
> process the files sequential. The main reason is that rarely more
> than 3 files are at the same stage, another reason is that Oxygens
> transformation result pane is global (i.e. not file associated like
> the xpath result pane), and messages from the xslt processor get
> overwritten. So with Oxygens current behavior I have to associate
> every xml file up to 5 times with the default scenario (one click
> per stage). I think it is clear that a real default scenario, which
> is called by pressing the Apply Transformation button or ctrl-shft-t
> would make this process much easier.
> Thanks,
> Stefan

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