[oXygen-user] Default Scenario to apply

Sorin Ristache
Fri May 29 04:40:37 CDT 2009


A project usually contains files of different types so a scenario cannot
be usually associated with all the files of a project. You can run the
action Apply Transformation Scenario instead of Transform With ... for
applying the scenario associated with the file for each file of the
project or the current selection in the project. This avoids selecting a
scenario from the list which is required by the action Transform With
.... If an association was already created for a file it will be used
for that file as in a normal transformation applied only to that file.
If an association was not created but there is only one scenario in the
document type the feature which we will add (requested by Rogie) will
create and apply the association with this scenario by default. I think 
this will help you to avoid picking up again and again the same scenario.


Stefan Krause wrote:
> Hello Sorin,
> it would be nice to have in addition a default scenario for the
> current project, maybe associated with the file type. It's a little
> bit inconvenient to pick up again and again the same scenario,
> especially when my list of scenarios is longer then the viewport in
> the window. BTW: It would also be nice if the layout manager could
> safe size and position of the scenario list window.
> Best regards,
> Stefan

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