[oXygen-user] Toolkit Plugin-Contributed Author CSS Style Sheets

Eliot Kimber
Wed May 27 11:37:02 CDT 2009

I may have asked this before I don't remember doing so:

What would it take to enable Open Toolkit plugins to *automatically*
contribute Author CSS style sheets?

I have developed a basic use pattern where I deploy Toolkit plugins for my
specializations to the Toolkit installed under Oxygen. This makes all the
DTDs for my specializations immediately available to Oxygen, which is about
as convenient as it's possible for the system to be, given that all the
default DITA stuff just works.

But I would also like to be able to contribute Author-mode CSS style sheets
using the same plugins so that I don't have to manage two different
deployment and packaging actions.

It would be nice, for example, to be able to distribute a Zip with Toolkit
plugins that when others install them under Oxygen, all the Oxygen-specific
stuff just works, at least CSS style sheets.



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