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Rogie Isabelle
Wed May 27 08:19:13 CDT 2009


When I paste a text in the Author mode and return in the text mode, I see different lines. When I directly paste in the Text mode (and after change the option in menu Options -> Preferences -> Editor -> Format -> XML), the text appears on one line. Is it possible to have the same result in the both mode?

Isabelle Rogie
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When you paste a text in an XML document edited in Author mode the Enter 
characters are removed. Do you edit the XML Document in Text mode and 
there are Enter characters added in the pasted text? When you paste an 
XML fragment in Text mode it is indented according to the indentation of 
the parent element of the insertion point. If you want to avoid 
indenting it you have to disable the option Indent on paste available 
from menu Options -> Preferences -> Editor -> Format -> XML.

If you have a different case please post an example.


Rogie Isabelle wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to suppress CR when I copy a text from Xpress or from a 
> pdf file in a xml structure?
> I use Author version 10.2 on Mac OS X.
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