[oXygen-user] Annoyance in Insert Topic Reference Dialog

Radu Coravu
Fri May 15 00:50:59 CDT 2009

Hi Eliot,

We intended the dialog to be as flexible as possible with 
specializations so the combo is populated each time the dialog is shown 
with all possible tag names at the current position as derived from the DTD.
I guess it is a good improvement to keep the last chosen tag name 
persistent between shows in the current session.

In the meantime you could keep the dialog used to insert topic 
references always opened and if new files are created just switch 
directories so that the file chooser picks them up.
Or just copy/paste a topic ref and then "Edit properties" for the pasted 


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Eliot Kimber wrote:
> I'm creating documents that use the DITA 1.2 DTDs. For DITA 1.2 we've added
> a number of specializations of topicref.
> The effect is that when I pop up the Insert Topic Reference dialog to insert
> a topicref, the topicref element type defaults to "anchorref", rather than
> "topicref", even though I would almost never want "anchorref".
> Would it be possible to either default to "topicref" or, more usefully, be
> able to configure a per-map-type default topicref type or sequence of
> preferred types (given that not all topicref types will be valid in a given
> insertion context, e.g., within bookmap)?
> Even if it just remembered the last value I used that would probably be
> sufficient.
> As it is, I have to remember to set that value each time.
> Note that I'm primarily using the "create reference to current document"
> mechanism, rather than creating a bunch of references at once, as I author
> new topics and then add them to my map as I go along.
> Cheers,
> E.
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