[oXygen-user] Annoyance in Insert Topic Reference Dialog

Eliot Kimber
Thu May 14 14:34:43 CDT 2009

I'm creating documents that use the DITA 1.2 DTDs. For DITA 1.2 we've added
a number of specializations of topicref.

The effect is that when I pop up the Insert Topic Reference dialog to insert
a topicref, the topicref element type defaults to "anchorref", rather than
"topicref", even though I would almost never want "anchorref".

Would it be possible to either default to "topicref" or, more usefully, be
able to configure a per-map-type default topicref type or sequence of
preferred types (given that not all topicref types will be valid in a given
insertion context, e.g., within bookmap)?

Even if it just remembered the last value I used that would probably be

As it is, I have to remember to set that value each time.

Note that I'm primarily using the "create reference to current document"
mechanism, rather than creating a bunch of references at once, as I author
new topics and then add them to my map as I go along.



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